Well, just after posting our Englewood Deserves a Fair Deal! blog last week, the community members met with the railroad company and the City of Chicago and reached a fair deal!

ELPC negotiated with Norfolk Southern railroad and the City of Chicago for diesel pollution reductions, new green space, sustainability efforts and job training.

Image from SustainableEnglewood.org

“The priority of Sustainable Englewood Initiatives was to make sure this project would not harm our community’s air and cost us more green space,” said John Paul Jones, Co-Founder of Sustainable Englewood Initiatives. “This agreement will put Englewood on the map as a place where the community stood up, the City listened, and the railroad came to the table to find a better way.”

ELPC, Sustainable Englewood Initiatives (SEI), Northwestern University Environmental Law Clinic and other community partners have successfully negotiated a fair deal to reduce air pollution and increase parkland with the rail yard expansion in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.

When asked, the majority of the groups think that the monitoring played a huge role in pushing the City and Norfolk Southern to come to an agreement. ELPC had sent the whole Chicago Plan Commission a letter as soon as we had an agreement with GCM, indicating that we were going to do monitoring.  By the time we were installing the monitors, the City was reaching out to ELPC to set up a time to meet.

Bravo to all for achieving this victory for clean air and better public health in Chicago and its Englewood community!  We can all breathe a little easier now, knowing that the air pollution will be reduced for Englewood residents.