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One of the big reasons why we, the strong Environmental Justice activists that we are, missed this is because the Central Valley is primarily comprised of multiple environmental justice communities.  Often times these are marginalized, low income communities off of the beaten path of our usual day-to-day lives, that are bearing the vast majority of the burden associated with our heavily industrialized society.  These are the sacrifice zones, where we send our hazardous waste and where the oil is refined to power our homes.

The problem here, is that there are beautiful and diverse communities living in these sacrifice zones.  The communities are home to families, with children and grandparents; they include vast resources, like fertile farmland; and like almost like every place in the world, they have a lot to teach us.  When the big corporations write them off as collateral damage, it is a grave injustice for the people that live there and an immense disservice to us all.

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The reason we missed this is because this proposed coal plant is slated for a sacrifice zone, a place where many corporations want us not to see, in hopes that the land and even the people will be forgotten about, and they can continue with business as usual.

The solution, is to empower these communities, raise their voices of concern high and stand in solidarity with our fellow human beings.  We need to demand that human lives be prioritized over corporate profits and collectively call for safe business practices, no new sacrifice zones and NO NEW COAL PLANTS!