Is anyone paying attention here?!

Chevron’s Richmond, CA refinery has had two major accidents, sending thousands to local hospitals, in the past five years!

Currently, they are pushing plans through the City of Richmond’s permitting process to repair the crude unit that caused the fire on August 6, 2012, but it doesn’t seem that Chevron has any intention of following a City Council Resolution to use the highest standards and best technology in the repair.

And they’re planning to reopen this unit early next year?!

Turns out, Chevron claims that they are not ‘planning’ to increase production, therefore can forgo requirements to install the newest clean air technologies.  But- this poses a serious question.  Why wouldn’t a company want to install the best clean air technology?  Do they really not care about the health and safety of Richmond residents?

The Mayor of Richmond, Gayle McLaughlin, shares similar concerns over not ‘seeing the best available technology’.  She’s continuing to hold Chevron accountable by bringing about a resolution to City Council ensuring transparency from Chevron.

Yet, Chevron continues to spin the story, blaming the community residents for the delay in repairs at the Richmond Refinery.  Something many community residents have seen many times before.

Chevron has been polluting the City of Richmond, and surrounding areas, for decades.  They’ve shown time and time again that they do not properly maintain their facility and they consistently lie to the residents, City Council and the BAAQMD.  For Chevron to defy the Richmond City Council is just Chevron doing business as usual.