Global Community Monitor launched a Bucket Brigade in South Durban, South Africa in 2000 in collaboration with the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA).  The South Durban basin is home to 285,000 people and numerous polluting industries. The industries include two large and older oil refineries, major chemical manufacturers, toxic landfill sites and chemicals storage facilities. After a long mobilization by SDCEA, a landfill site within a residential area accepting hazardous waste from industries was closed but has yet to be rehabilitated. Residents living near these industries suffer from high levels of respiratory illnesses and cancers.
Desmond D’sa has been a community leader in the fight for Environmental Justice in Durban, South Africa and has developed ties all the way to Richmond, CA.  With his leadership SDCEA has contributed to multiple Environmental Impact Reports and collaborated with NGO’s worldwide to confront Shell International about the incidents, accidents and high level of pollution from their refinery in Durban.  The Bucket Brigade provides the tools they need to take independent air samples and hold the government accountable for enforcing safety regulations and pollution control.