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New legislation is coming out from state governments which would require natural gas companies that use hydraulic fracturing to disclose the list of chemicals used in the fracking fluid.  Surprisingly, Texas is the first state government to pioneer such legislation.

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Sounds great right?  Well, here’s the catch-

The majority of these statewide proposals include an exception stating that the company does not have to disclose the list of chemicals if it would threaten trade secrets.  That’s the same excuse Halliburton gave the US EPA in response to the Federal request for disclosure!  Although, it appears that that request has still gone unanswered, Halliburton has since released the ingredients of its new Eco-Friendly Fracking Fluid that uses chemicals “sourced entirely from the food industry.”

Both, this “Eco-Friendly Fracking Fluid” and this new legislation are poised to appear as a progressive step in the right direction – for public safety and corporate responsibility.  This is exactly what the energy companies and their allied public officials need: to undermine the public health and environmental activists by confusing their support base.  Read the rest of this entry »

Guest blog from field activist Dave Devanney

We, the residents of Garfield County, Colorado, have been concerned with health effects potentially related to the increase in natural gas development within the last year.  So we started circulating a petition in favor a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) done by the Colorado School of Public Health.  The petitioning campaign was a success and the HIA began.  Well, after the second draft of the HIA was released, the results were of serious concern and seemed to confirm the residents’ fears.  So what does the County Commission do?  They quit by putting a halt to the HIA!

How does this make you feel?  I’m mad as hell!  Did they spend over $250K and not finish the job?  It may be that they and the industry did not like what they saw in the second draft.  They saw a lot of recommendations being proposed that would cost money that they might not want to spend.  Recommendations that were “health-based” to safeguard residents of Battlement Mesa.  So now we have an unfinished product that will forever be labeled as “just a draft.”
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