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Every generation there exists an event so catastrophic and so completely horrible that is defines that time and shows us the true threads of our society and our culture.

The Air Hugger spends days and nights with neighbors of the oil industry. The residents that live in the shadow of refinery operations and emissions know how these companies operate oh, too well. We have become familiar with oil company corporate culture.  GCM’s Bucket Brigade-Community Monitoring program was born back in 1995 when an oil company limped along a leaking tower spewing chemicals for 16 days over the neighbors.  Now we’re working with Gulf of Mexico groups to launch comprehensive air monitoring to expose the toxic threats from the disaster that are under the radar.

Now, with the largest oil spill in US history, everyone else is getting an opportunity to see how these titans of industry truly operate, and to see that BP’s environmental track record shows a troubled history.
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